Anatomy of The Fed Ex UPS Bomb Plot from Yemen

Internet Anthropologist:

It seems that the UPS/FEDEX attack has historical roots and much more sinister tactics than have been disclosed.
The address names on the UPS and FEDEX package were Pierre l'Ermite and Diego Gelmírez and the street address was that of only one synagogue in Chicago. Whom are they?

Pierre l'Ermite, is AKA Peter the Hermit, 1050-1115, a French monk. In 1095 he instigated the First Crusade. With help from the Byzantine emperor Alexius I he and his irregular band took Jerusalem.

Diego Gelmírez of Santiago de Compostela conceived of a N African invasion route intending to unite the reconquest of Spain (from Muslims) with the Crusades to the Holy Land, forming a single Mediterranean-wide crusading theatre. He was one of the most famous Spanish monk-warriors leading the expulsion of Muslims from Spain.

Why a package on two different carriers? To increase the chance of success in case one was discovered, and, to double the potential effect of a tactic that would likely be closed off after the attack.

Interesting, but why address that to a Synagogue? I mean those dudes we're Jewish?

Oh yeah, never mind.

Posted by: Howie at 08:02 PM


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