Islamic Emirate of Caucuses Enjoys Unfettered Propaganda Through Use Of KavKaz Center

F**king dhimmi:

Mikael Storsjo: ''I will continue my cooperation with Kavkaz Center''

A video film Brutal Censorship. Revisiting Stories Never Told has been posted on video sharing hosting YouTube.

The film contains a video interview with famous Finnish journalist and human rights activist Mikael Storsjo, which he gave to the US Pulitzer Center[...]

The known human rights activist [Mikael Storsjo] said that Kavkaz Center was denied hosting in Lithuania, Estonia and Finland under pressure from Russia, and so he helped to secure hosting for KC in Sweden.[Emphasis mine...ed]

Storsjo himself is constantly exposed to terror and intimidation by "the Friends of Russia", in particular the notorious "Lutheran pastor"[Oh noes, not the Lutheran's !!eleventy!!..ed] Juha Molari (according to religious media outlets in Russia, he secretly went to Orthodoxy and became an Orthodox Putin's priest in the FSB-ROC).[Cacuses Emirate leader Doku Umarov has promised to kill Molari...ed]

However, the courageous journalist pointed that neither the FSB nor its Finnish agents will be able to intimidate him. Storsjo said: "I will continue further my cooperation with the Kavkaz Center".

Thanks to Samir Khan's media outlet.

Just for Frankie Martin from "us bigots" at Jawa - Hot chics/babes with guns:

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russian chics guns.jpeg

BTW Frankie Martin, one of your followers by the handle of Stephen McGraw stopped by and made a complete fool out of you/himself. Bwahahahahahaha

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