Ummm, What is it that you really think any way?

I don't think this Washington Post story on Muslims who believe that the FBI is spying on their every move was supposed to make the Muslims look bad. I get the feeling the author was going for Muslims as victims.

But, go ahead and read it. It makes Muslims look either paranoid or like they have something to hide.

I actually feel bad for patriotic and law abiding Muslims who believe in secular and limited government after reading this. If this is how Muslims are feeling and acting down at the mosque, why go? It may be that they are embarrassed to hang out with a bunch of paranoid fools and extremists.

Here's the takeaway quote:

"I wish I could just be myself. We have freedom of speech in this country, but we're not always free to say what we think. We have to watch who we talk to and what we say. It's not cool."
No, it isn't. What is it exactly you are afraid to say publicly?

Thanks to herr Oyal

Posted by: Rusty at 12:00 PM


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