All Eyes on Lebanon

Suddenly Ahmadinejad's visit and Hezbollah's strong show of support makes a lot more sense.

Financial Times: Protestors in Beirut attacked international officials investigating the murder of former prime pinister Rafiq al Hariri on Wednesday, highlighting the tension caused by the investigation’s work in the volatile political climate of Lebanon.

Two representatives of a UN-backed tribunal investigating the assassination were interviewing a doctor in the Southern suburbs of Beirut, controlled by the fiercely anti-Israel group Hizbollah, when a crowd gathered outside the clinic.

According to a statement from the tribunal’s media relations unit, the investigators and their translator were then “violently attacked”, and had some of their possessions stolen before they were rescued by Lebanese security forces.

It has also been reported that it was a crowd of women who carried out the attack. I dunno.

A certain unnamed public network carried quite a lengthy report on this this morning. And yeah I listened without contributing. Screw it.

Anyway HizbAllah's statements have been like this.

“I think this [incident] sends a clear message that Hizbullah will not cooperate with the international tribunal,” political science professor Sami Haddad at Notre Dame University, told The Daily Star. However, he urged the international community to question “whether it can enforce cooperation on organizations in Lebanon.” “I don’t think that it can,” he added.
So basically if the Prime Minister backs down to HizbAllah he might was well have handed Ahmadinejad they keys while he was in town.

Same effect.

I had a lot worse analogy on that last part and thought better of it.

Posted by: Howie at 06:34 PM


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