French & African Hostages: AQIM Demands 7 Million Euros/Release of Jihadists & End of Burqa Ban

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Alternate headline: ROP needs money, mujahideen & women bags:

Via Telegraph

The group is also demanding 7 million euros (6.1 million) and the release of Islamic militants being held in France as part of their conditions[Why did they leave this out in the headline?...never mind....ed]

Seven captives five French citizens and two Africans were abducted in Niger a month ago before being taken to neighbouring Mali.

The kidnappings marked an escalation of tensions between Paris and al-Qaeda's north African network, known as al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), which executed 78-year-old French hostage Michel Germaneau in July.

But a French intelligence source yesterday described the terms for the hostages release as "unrealistic

Let's hope they don't give into demands, to do this leads to more hostage taking.

It is rather ironic they demanded this now, especially after the failed US attempt to rescue aid worker Linda Norgrove. Also, as somewhat stated in the article, France also attempted to rescue hostage Michel Germaneau and failed . Later AQIM murdered him. Some reports say he was murdered before the rescue attempt.

Remember, it isn't those who fail in attempting rescue that kill hostages it is the animals who kidnap them in the first place.

Posted by: Stable Hand at 01:23 PM


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