Video: American Traitor Adam Gadahn Doesn't Like America, or Pakistan, or India, etc...

First clue that you're a moron? You leave California and join al Qaeda.

Second clue that you're a moron?


You use the business end of your rifle for a handrest.

The new as Sahab produced video on behalf of al Qaeda shows American Adam Gadahn addressing the recent flooding in Pakistan. If Gadahn and al Qaeda are so concerned about the victims of the floods, shouldn't he be down there helping them instead of hiding out?

His main criticism seems to be that the Pakistani regime is corrupt. His point being, um, what exactly? I think there's pretty much near total agreement on that.

The question isn't whether Pakistan is corrupt, it is. The question is would a Taliban-like government be less corrupt? It won't.

In fact, the vision Gadahn and al Qaeda has is one where the current corrupt leaders are replaced with a new set of corrupt leaders. But with the added layer of stoning adulterers to death and closing down schools for girls!

In fact, since his official stance is that democracy is bad then there is no mechanism for throwing out the corrupt leaders in an "Islamic" state.

The entire video is below. Exit question: why isn't this a-hole dead?

UPDATE: After watching the video for a second time, two things strike me as different from fat-bastard's usual fair.

First, notice that he's outside. Normally Gadahn shoots videos behind a desk inside and in front of a fake backdrop, usually of a book shelf. The kind of back drop you might find at your local mall's Olin Mills.

Second, notice that he doesn't mention the normal "Zionist-Crusaders" (ie, America and her Jewish "puppet masters") but uses the term "Zionist-Crusader-Hindu occupation". As any Pakistani will tell you, the enemy is India. So, it seems that Gadahn is doing the smart thing (for once): he's playing on Pakistani nationalistic sentiment.

The audience Gadahn is addressing in this video, it would seem, are Pakistanis. Normally Gadahn's videos are targeted toward America and Europe. But not this time.

I wonder if the two things -- him being outside and addressing the video towards Paksitanis -- are related somehow? Perhaps he's filming outside because the normal compound he produces videos from has been obliterated by a Predator attack?

And if that is the case then the two might very well be related given that Predators only operate based on intelligence gathered mostly from local sources. Gadahn and al Qaeda know this and perhaps they fear they are losing some of the locals. Trying to bolster domestic support (domestic being Pakistan here) just makes sense.

It's a theory, but it fits the evidence.

Posted by: Rusty at 01:36 PM


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