Faulty Wiring or Evil Zionist Jooos?

Don't know but glad Hizballah lost some hardware.


Explosions ripped through a building Friday in southern Lebanon that might have been used to store weapons by the militant group Hizbullah, Lebanese security officials said.

The area is patrolled by UN troops and Lebanese soldiers and has been largely peaceful since the war, but there have been a number of mysterious explosions in the past year at buildings suspected of housing Hizbullah arms caches.

It was not clear what caused Friday's blasts, but one of the officials said it might have been triggered by an electrical short circuit setting off secret Hizbullah munitions.

How could a weapons cache be moved into a residential unit with the eagle eyes of UNIFIL patrolling the area? Maybe the UN will pitch in some funds to re-build the damaged structure.

Posted by: Ronin at 01:07 PM


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