Fort Hood as "Workplace Violence"

Wow, this seems pretty idiotic. I haven't read the full Fort Hood report, but if the various news reports are accurate then it seems that the DOD investigation focuses on workplace safety issues and the disclosure of mental health problems rather than the obvious -- WTF was a guy in contact with a known terrorist leader doing in the military in the first place?

Some reports suggest that the FBI is going to be more forthcoming in sharing information about who it investigates with the military, but the media stories that I'm reading tend to throw in that fact way down in the story [the last paragraph from the AP here] which seems, to me, like evidence that they wish to continue the narrative that Nidal Hasan was a lunatic like any other lunatic and divert our attention from the plain facts of the case -- that he was inspired to jihad by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's Anwar al-Awlaki.

To construe Fort Hood as anything other than an act of terrorism is to whitewash one of the worst cases of terrorism since 9/11.

As I've said many many times in the past, mental illness and terrorism are not mutually exclusive categories. In fact, those with sympathies with non-hierarchical terrorist movements like al Qaeda are more likely to pull off a terrorist attack when they are mentally ill.

In my book the act of characterizing Nidal Hasan's as an incident of just another dude "going postal" can only be deliberate. Which means that 9 years after 9/11 and dozens and dozens of cases of attempted Islamist terror on our soil just isn't enough for them to overcome the prejudices learned in journalism school. I'd say it will take another 9/11 for them to get clued in but I'm pretty sure that we could have 100 attacks of the scale of 9/11 and they'd still operate under the illusion that adhering to political Islam is pretty much the same thing as being Amish.

Posted by: Rusty at 02:54 PM


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