About Those "Moderate" Muslims in Malaysia

So, searching for the back story on that child bride law in Malaysia (it turns out the hype is much worse than the actual law) I found something that is a real story. It's not "news" so much as it is a reminder that even so-called "moderate" Islamic societies are fascist by Western standards.

This isn't a topic many in the West want to face because it might make us reevaluate what exactly a "moderate" is. The fact is that Malaysia is an ally on the war on terror and is "moderate" in every sense of the word when applied to Muslims. Yet, we still get this:

Because Muslims are not legally able to marry non-Muslims in Malaysia, Bangarama's 2001 marriage to her husband, who is Hindu, cannot be officially recognized. She also can't register her husband as the father of their two children on their birth certificates. According to Agence France-Presse, her Malaysian identity card, which has her Muslim name (Siti Hasnah Bangarama Abdullah) and says that she is Muslim, further complicates the case.
So, there you go. This is what so-called "moderate" Islam looks like.

Many of who we in the West call "moderates" -- those who believe like us, in the strict separation of church and state, equality before the law for all people, freedom of conscience for all, equal rights for the sexes, etc. -- are really liberals.

I have no problem with liberal Islam. Pray towards Mecca all you want. Have fun with that. But the second you begin advocating a dual legal system like they have in nearly every single Muslim country in the world -- even "moderate" ones -- then you and I part ways. You may be a "moderate" compared to the Salafis, the Wahhabis, and the Khomeinists, but by that standard Mussolini was a "moderate" fascist compared to Hitler.

Posted by: Rusty at 07:23 PM


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