Confirmed: Hot Facebook Chick Friending You Is Probably a Hezbollah Spy

Finally the truth is out about all of Ronin's hot facebook friends. Aaron Mannes calls it the "Fakebook" phenomenon:

[Quoting an Israeli source]"The Hizbullah agent pretended she was an Israeli girl named “Reut Zukerman”, “Reut” succeeded during several weeks to engage more then 200 reserve and active personnel.

The Hizbullah agent gained the trust of soldiers and officers that didn’t hesitate to confirm him as a “friend” once they saw he/she is friends with several of their friends from the same unit. Most of them assumed that “Reut” was just another person who served in that elite intelligence unit....."

The picture attached to “Reut Zukerman” was, of course, an appealing young woman (some tricks are timeless.)

So the next time some hot chick friends you, be suspicious. Be very suspicious.

Posted by: Rusty at 02:51 PM


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