Feminists/Leftists: All Muslim Women Have Choice When It Comes To Burqa Wearing


Maybe they should ask Sirin Middya and other Muslim women like her about this:

Sirin Middya, 24, a teacher with West Bengal’s first muslim university Alia, has refused to wear a burqa in classes. This has prevented her from taking classes for the last three months. There is no stipulation about burqa in the guidelines of the Alia University but the students’ union is adamant that teachers should wear burqas.

Middya who joined as a guest lecturer at the University in March, got the ‘diktat’ in the second week of April that she would not be allowed to attend the college if she did not wear burqa. The University Grants Commission does not prescribe any such dress code. The unfortunate part is that students are forcing women teachers to wear burqa. Middya’s argument is that she has nothing against burqas but if she wears one at all it should be out of her free will.
What's wrong with this picture? A Student Union sets the rules? Screw that. Good on her for refusing and standing her ground.

Thanks to Robert who has more

Posted by: Stable Hand at 09:37 AM


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