Howie's Physical Therapy, Nipples

He is in lala land right now and unsure if it has to do with this image or his meds so I decided to post it for him and you boobie/nipple crazed readers, but with a catch. I need a link to a beautiful sexy male bod - that isn't ghey. That's all I ask. No link and I may remove the image, and yes, this is a threat...kinda.


Remember, in comments, give me a link and no good or bad ghey but straight sexy dude. Abs, six pack, buns etc.... We females deserve it, and yes I am a female.

Update: My eyes, my eyes...;-) 2007 but I am not fussy, this is the best of the best. Sexy heroes....oh yah & thanks to VS V5 (sorry, such awesome bods got carried away and didn't get your name right):

americas heroes.jpg

I'll take all of them thank you.

Posted by: Stable Hand at 01:20 PM


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