Evidence Ties Manning To Afghan WikiLeaks


No surprise here....he was the one who provided the so called "Collateral Damage" video to Assh^le err Assange of WikiLeaks which Jawa Report quickly debunked


WASHINGTON—Investigators have found concrete evidence linking Pfc. Bradley Manning with the leak of classified Afghanistan war reports, a defense official said.

A search of the computers used by Pfc. Manning yielded evidence he had downloaded the Afghanistan war logs, which span from 2004 until 2009, the official said. It's not clear precisely what that evidence is.

The investigation is also looking at who might have helped Pfc. Manning provide the documents to WikiLeaks, a web-based group that earlier this week released 76,000 secret reports from Afghanistan.

Because of the focus on civilians who helped Pfc. Manning, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department have been brought into aid the investigation lead by the Army Criminal Investigation Command.

Defense officials are also combing through Pfc. Manning's computers in a bid to figure out what other material he may have stolen as they try to anticipate what other material WikiLeaks may have.

WikiLeaks says it has at least 15,000 more Afghanistan documents the group withheld until some details could be redacted.

Redacted my arse. The ones they have released names Afghans who have aided the allied forces. Now their lives and their families lives are in danger. Way to go assmaggots.

Duh: WikiLeaks Founder Anti-War Nut, Not Journalist
Noted Liar and Conspiracy Theorist Leaks Documents Which Shock and Awe No One

Update: Leakers, Publishers May Have Blood on Hands, Mullen Says Liberals in comments will disagree and say Manning and Assh^le err Assange did a patriotic service. I tend to disagree, they didn't give a damn about others lives just their twisted logic on the war against radical Islamists. Manning downloaded documents, with the help of someone yet to be named, to further the far lefts claim of occupying a country by the U.S. He gave those to Assh^ole err Assange to distribute to the media. Patted himself on the back and bingo....he was named.

To the leftists, rainbows and lollipops will heal all. If we just show we care the Taliban/alQaeda will back off. Wake up and smell reality people....otherwise you will loose your head..........literally, we have posted several videos of those opposed to Radical Islam who had their heads chopped or worse sawed off by a young child. Join them if you must but I tend to deal with reality....and keep my head on my shoulders.

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