ATTN Zach Chesser aka Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee's wife Umm Talha

I was fired and am back...well kinda not but hell, had to have header right?

Umm Talha, how does it feel to be a child abuser? Both you and your husband have warped minds using your child in your quest for your crazed ideas to join alShabaab. Thank God your Mother had sense not to give you your passport but that didn't stop you did it? You went ahead and agreed to have your baby used as a pawn for your idiotic husband to use to travel to Somalia.

Think about it, you were sending your baby into a war torn country but you didn't give a damn about it? Why? Never mind, I know, you love death more than you love life. But your baby didn't have a choice, you and Zach used him, I have contempt for both of you. Your child deserves better than this, shame on you.

Also, Zach is weak and stupid, did you realize that? He sang like a canary when found out but he continued on his quest to become a martyr...along with your baby. He would help the FBI if they let him continue on his trip to Somalia. Talk about stupid, what kind of fairy tale world do you live in?

You are an abusive parent as well as Zach. You don't deserve to keep this child, you endangered him for your cause. I didn't hear nada about you in the news. Time to change that. You are not innocent in this case. I know, you and I have conversed on YouTube. I hope to see this child removed from your care, he deserves real parents not a radical Islamist like both you and Zach. You are the filth of filth of parents. I spit on you both.

You can hide your face behind the veil but you can't hide your hate for non-muslims. God help that young baby in your care.

Posted by: Stable Hand at 05:50 PM


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