Destruction of Jewish Temple Continues Unabated by Palis

Palis continuing the work where the Romans left off. For those out of the loop, the background is this: Palestinians and a large number of Muslims deny that Jerusalem was ever a Jewish city. No, really. These people are that retarded.

So, they have a vested interest in erasing any and all archaeological evidence that the Temple was built by Jews.

Israel Matzav:

Segal said that Waqf attempts to conceal the work but that it is not hard to see what is happening these days on the Temple Mount. "The Waqf works are constant, we see tractors going to and fro carrying earth. The work is taking place near the Dome of the Rock, exactly in the place between where our Holy Temple's courtyard and the Altar used to stand. The Waqf claims they are doing pavement work there, or so they advertise in the news sites, but in practice they surrounded themselves in white burlap and we see there is scaffolding. I suppose that for paving works there should be no need for scaffolding."
And such "improvements" are quite common on the Temple Mount where the Palestinian Authority has free reign to create an alternative and revisionist history in which the Caananites built the Temple.

Posted by: Rusty at 02:15 PM


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