Retired vets help soldiers with combat PTSD through Operation Restored Warrior

June 2010 saw the highest number of combat deaths in Afghanistan, and also the highest number of suicides by active duty and reserve service members. So far this year there have been 145 suicides by soldiers, compared to 130 this time last year. The DOD response to this disturbing trend has been to produce a video addressing service suicide. Oh, and give soldiers professional help from the likes of Maj. Nidal Hasan, the Ft. Hood killer.

But one private organization, Operation Restored Warrior, is working to help soldiers deal with combat-related PTSD. The organization is run by retired military members and has the support of giants like LTG Hal Moore ("We Were Soldiers Once, and Young") and LTG Jerry Boykin (Delta Force CO). Here is a report from WHNT on the fine work of Operation Restored Warrior:


Here's a description of their Drop Zone program:

This keystone program is a 5-day program presented in the Colorado Rocky Mountains on a beautiful ranch near Vail, Colorado for 6-8 US military veterans (active duty, guard, reserve, disabled, retired, and recently separated) who have a common experience in any of the Areas of Operations (i.e. Middle East, Vietnam, Unknown Missions) in past or present conflicts and have a desire to be helped through our Christian-based programs. There is no qualification to be a Christian. Our program and its application is experientially based and focused on the problems that are associated with the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Combat Related Stress (CRS) on all military service members and their families.

For more info, contact ORW.

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