al-Qaeda figure posing as asylum seeker captured by Indonesia

Curious....who is he and how high up the food chain is he.....and why did he flee the Stans and turn up on the other side of the world.

Sky News

A captured Afghan man posing as an asylum seeker and en route to Australia reportedly has links to al-Qaeda.

Mohammad Isa was captured by Indonesian authorities in North Sumatra in April with ten other illegal immigrants and has since been held in the Australian-built Tanjun Pinang immigration detention centre on Bintang Island.

The Australian newspaper reports Isa is said to be a doctor who speaks eight languages.

The head of Indonesia's international crimes unit Saud Usman Nasution says the arrest marks the first time an asylum seeker has been linked to potential terrorism.

The provincial head of immigration in North Sumatra, Sahala Pasaribu, has told The Australian they learned from Indonesia's specialist anti-terrorist police squad that at least one mobile phone held by the group of 11 Afghans, had been used to contact senior al-Qaeda figures.

General Nasution has warned that some asylum seekers trying to reach Australia via Indonesia could have terrorist backgrounds.

Who were the senior Al Qaeda figures he had contacted with that cell phone...

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