GIMF Member and as-Ansar Administrator Arrested in Germany for Recruiting for al Qaeda

Another member of the Global Islamic Media Front bites the dust. You'd think these guys would have learned by now, but hitting your head against a brick wall over and over and over again is what they do best.

I'll also note that he seems to have been an administrator over on al-Ansar's German forum, which is an offshoot of #5 on Aaron's most recent top ten jihadi forums list.

One only wonders why it took the Germans three years to arrest this guy?

"The accused is strongly suspected of working to recruit members or supporters for Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb and the Islamic Jihad Union," the statement said....

Hussam M. is believed to have used Internet forums and blogs belonging to the German section of the "Global Islamic Media Front" and the "Al-Ansar Media Battalion" since 2007 to attract militants to the various Al-Qaeda groups....

And since February 2009, he allegedly distributed audio, video and text propaganda from "Islamist terrorist groups" as the administrator of a German-language Internet forum.

Thanks to Square Mile Wife.

Posted by: Rusty at 01:59 PM


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