Drug Cartels Take Trafficking To the Sea In Custom-Built, Cocaine-Laden 'Narco Subs'

The article read like a cat & mouse game. Pajama clad smugglers waving the white flag when caught. Others fate is unknown, their Narco Sub sank, or did it? Did they want more than the $25,000 offered them to man these subs? Did they distribute their load to US drug traffickers? Who knows. I read a article about a sub being spotted off the East Coast somewhere. Dunno if it was just a kook report.

I always like to read the comments, when available, to see how others respond. The following comment didn't surprise me:

Supertiger3 (49)
Supertiger3 wrote:
So why is the US capturing foreign vessels in international waters that aren't even heading here. They are on their way to some other country. It's pretty lame. The known pirates off the coast of Somalia get better treatment. Why is the US's business to prosecute people that are thousands of miles away and haven't broken any US laws.
6/26/2010 1:10:01 AM
Lame, very lame. Supertiger3 didn't read the article thoroughly. Or he may be a liberal and not yet convert to Islam like Taliba al-Quran. No comparison btw, just wanted to link Taliba's JAWA Facebook Smackdown hit list.

Posted by: Stable Hand at 12:37 PM


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