Begin Preparing Now for Anti-American Spin on New WikiLeak Video

Consider this your once a day warning that WikiLeak has another doctored video in which they'll ask you not to notice the terrorist behind the curtain, but instead focus on all the little puppies and butterflies the American imperialists are "murdering".

When this hits, I expect total blog saturation. This means that as soon as we debunk this, email everyone you know and every blog you know. It took us, what, like 8 minutes to debunk the last one? Yet the media still gave Assange face time -- literally rubber stamping WikiLeaks press releases -- and never asked the hard questions, like: are you a total retard or just constantly high?

UPDATE: For those of you who still think Assange is a hero, better go read this posted over at Cryptome. Apparently, he's been bilking his contributors.

Posted by: Rusty at 02:00 PM


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