Allah Ho Gaybar: Lars Vilks 1 Radical Muslims 0

Mohammed cartoonist invited back to Uppsala University

Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who in 2007 sparked controversy with a drawing of Prophet[Pedophile..ed] Mohammed, has been reinvited to speak at Uppsala University, where he was attacked two weeks ago.

"The department (of philosophy) has reached a wise decision. Lars Vilks must be allowed to hold his lecture," Uppsala University vice-chancellor Anders Hallberg said in a statement Tuesday.

"Violence and threats of violence cannot be allowed to silence people, not on campus or elsewhere," the university added in the statement.

Another site, The Local Swedish News in English has the best comments by the ROPMA

This was the film being shown at his previous lecture before it was cut short by Islamic extremists who follow the pedophile Mo. Caution bad nekid gheyness


h/t TC


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