Facebooks Everyone Draw Mohammed Day Computer Hacked

Isn't Islam grand?

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day creator’s computer hacked. On May 20, 2010, The Jewish Business Magazine was able to interview the creator the blog and Facebook page, Everybody Draw Mohammed Day, Andy. Andy told the Jewish Business Magazine that his goal was to create discourse and free speech in the world around Islam.

He couldn’t stand the past aggressions and threats of violence by the Muslim extremist over things as stupid as the writing of the word ALA or an artistic depiction or worse, a cartoon, of Mohammed their prophet. Now, the Everybody Draw Mohammed Day creator’s computer has been hacked by an Islam extremist who calls himself, Ali Hassan.

This morning, I engaged Mr. Ali Hassan via Andy’s Skype account and asked him some questions. Ali Hassan, the hacker of Everybody Draw Mohammed Day claims he did this because he is a Muslim and offended about the depiction of his prophet, Mohammed. Hassan also claims to have Andy’s address, but did not offer any insight as to what he plans to use it for.

Now is the time to figure out who Ali Hassan is. Anyone know? Send tips to me, Stable Hand (contact above on contact link) or any other Jawa blogger. Enough is enough.

Make my day Ali Hassan, I am waiting coward.......Pussie afraid of a female? Where is my damn fatwa Ali? I deserve it........I even made a video...

You are a coward hiding behind Islam..I will give you my address...we will meet one on one...pussie..

i will not submit.jpg

my mohammed.jpg

Kiss my butt Ali Hassan:


Now that I am done, it is time for a friendly talk Ali...........

h/t TC

Posted by: Stable Hand at 03:12 AM


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