Another Online "Pal" of Rusty's Found Guilty on Terror Charges

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And thus ends the saga of "Shiekh Umar Rabie, Emir of al Qaeda in the UK". I haven't commented publicly on this for some time because I was involved in the case. I testified at Ishaq Kanmi's terrorism trial last year and was asked not to comment publicly, but now that he's plead guilty that commitment has passed.

I don't think I'm giving away too much when I say that long before UK authorities had "The Blackburn Resistance " under surveillance, they were on our radar screens.

Why? Because a year before the "Emir of al Qaeda in the UK" threatened to kill Britain's Prime Minister on what was then the most credible and connected jihad forum, he had made a similar threat on another forum. The earlier threat, though, was not only against British politicos, but against any one who had voted for Tony Blair or Gordon Brown.

He also sent the call out for suicide bombers. Funny that no one volunteered.

And so "Umar Rabie" was on our radar screen. Eventually four members of the "Blackburn Islamic Resistance Movement" were arrested, three of whom have been convicted on terrorism related charges.

Of the MSM articles I've seen on the case, this one from This is Lancashire seems to have the most complete coverage. Here's some of it:

Kanmi was travelling to Helsinki when he was arrested in January 2008.

He was with Abbas Iqbal, 24, one of two brothers who filmed al Qaeda-style propaganda and dubbed themselves 'The Black-burn Resistance'.

Iqbal, of Percival Street, Black-burn, was sentenced to three years in jail at Manchester Crown Court two months ago.

Another terrorist linked to Kanmi was Albanian Krenar Lusha, 30, who was convicted by a jury at Preston Crown Court in December last year of five counts of possessing terror-related articles, and jailed for seven years.

Kanmi, still posing as Umar Rabie, had been in phone and internet contact with Lusha who was caught downloading a video on how to blow people up when police burst into his home in Derby.

Officers also discovered 71.8 litres of petrol in the cellar of Lusha's terrace house and computer documents such as 'The Bomb Book' and videos including 'Mobile Detonators'.

Lusha, it may be recalled, was in the UK illegally. Despite being an illegal immigrant, he was able to secure a home mortgage. The home was then used to store materials which would be needed to make a bomb.

And my little connection to this whole sordid affair?

AN AMERICAN website moderator alerted police to a terror plot due to a message posted on the internet by a Blackburn man, a court heard.

The moderator of the Infovlad forum website told Preston Crown Court he contacted the Metropolitan Police when a user named Sheikh posted that he would carry out a suicide mission in London.

The user’s IP address was traced to 23-year-old Ishaq Kanmi, of Cromwell Street, Audley, Black-burn, the court heard....

The moderator, who was giving evidence under the pseudonym of Rusty Shackleford after an order was granted to protect his identity, said: “Another moderator deleted the post, but I saved it and gave it to the police.

"I called someone at the Metropolitan Police and emailed to someone working in the counter-terrorism unit.”

He added that, after reading a BBC report that a Britain had announced he was the UK al Qaida leader, he emailed the former Infovlad user to ask if he was the same person.

The moderator told the court: “He replied ‘yes’ and there would be an announcement. It got my attention.”

Read the rest here, but make sure to keep liquids away from the computer as the article goes on to describe the hilarious cross examination questions.

Whether or not Kanmi really would have activated his cell and attempted to kill people is unknowable. The real problem with online jihadis like Kanmi is that although they may be too cowardly to "martyr" themselves, they may incite and inspire others to murder. And that is a problem.

Anyway, my involvement in the case was rather minor. The real thanks should go to the good people at Manchester's North West Counter Terrorism Unit for all their hard work. You know who you are. Good work people!

Kanmi is scheduled to be sentenced at a later time. One wonders how he is enjoying Belmarish prison so far?


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