Islamist voter fraud in UK referendum to create Islamic Emirate of Londonistan?

An interesting side note to yesterday's UK elections is a referendum in London's Tower Hamlets project to be governed directly by its own mayor. But in late February, Labor MP and Environment Minister Jim Fitzpatrick charged that the Labor Party in Tower Hamlets had been infiltrated and taken over by the Islamic Forum of Europe, a radical group that advocates violent jihad and sharia law.

Now Andrew Gilligan reports in today's Telegraph about widespread voter fraud in Tower Hamlets that very well may allow the Islamic Forum of Europe to create their own Islamic emirate in the heart of London:

At the European elections, less than a year ago, the electoral roll of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets contained 148,970 names. By January this year, it had shot up to 160,278. And in the past month alone, a further 5,000 new names have mysteriously appeared on the voting lists.

There are only two possibilities here. Either Tower Hamlets is growing twice as fast as the fastest-growing city in China, or it is the target of massive and systematic electoral fraud. We can have a guess at the answer from the fact that some three-bedroom flats in the borough appear to have 12 adults on the roll. The real occupants, when approached on the doorstep, have never heard of their 10 new flatmates.

Elections in Tower Hamlets have always been a scandal. In 2006, an entire tower block had its postal votes stolen. But this time it's more serious. In a close election, Tower Hamlets and other places like it could help tip the balance of power. And there are now rather too many other places like it, with dozens of police inquiries under way in inner-city seats across the country. At the time of writing, I don't know how Britain has voted. But under some scenarios, the real and frightening possibility is that this election was decided by fraud.

There are local factors, too. As the Telegraph has documented, the Islamic Forum of Europe, a radical Islamist group based at the hardline East London Mosque, has been accused of secretly infiltrating the Tower Hamlets Labour Party and is seeking to consolidate its control by having the borough run by a directly elected mayor. A referendum on the mayoral proposal was also held yesterday.

I have no evidence that the IFE is behind the fraud in Tower Hamlets. But its favoured candidates have done remarkably well lately. At the last London mayoral election, Ken Livingstone, for whom leading members of the IFE vigorously campaigned, saw his share of the vote in one ward rise from 29.6 per cent to a rather improbable 68.1 per cent.

This is what Muslim Brotherhood ideologue Yusuf Al-Qaradawi has advocated in the creation of self-governed "Muslim ghettos" to infiltrate and destroy the West from within.

Posted by: Barbarossa at 12:41 AM


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