Two New Yorkers Charged with Aid to al Qaeda after Yemen Trip

The material support was computer systems modernization and technical advice. The indictment is here. The time frame is November 2007 through March 2010. Hasanoff received $50K in Nov. 2007. Hanafy traveled to Yemen in Feb of 2008.

CBS Two United States citizens residing in Brooklyn, N.Y., have been charged with trying to aid Al Qaeda terrorists. According to the indictment obtained by CBS News, the men, Wesam El-Hanafi, 33, and Sabirhan Hasanoff, 34, are charged with one count of "conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization."

The charge carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

Also according to the indictment, "the defendants would and did agree to provide al Qaeda with, among other things, computer advice and assistance, services, and currency, knowing that al Qaeda had engaged and was engaging in terrorist activity[.]"

Merkwürdigliebe adds: Sounds like the FBI's 'Fly Team' had themselves an excellent adventure in not-exactly-friendly territory

A federal law enforcement source said El-Hanafi and Hasanoff were arrested overseas in a country that "did not want to be identified as being helpful in any way to the U.S." The source would not disclose the country.

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