UN Cuts Food Rations in Yemen

Nationally, one third of Yemenis are malnourished and half the kids are stunted from chronic hunger. The refugee population of a quarter million are teetering near starvation already, and the cut in food rations will mean many more deaths from starvation. The US pledged about $5 million in humanitarian aid, and $50 million in military aid. France pledged 200,000 Euros. The other donors, including Saudi Arabia, zippo. The UN will also be cutting food aid to other recipients in Yemen including Somali refugees, girls in schools and children under 5.


(AlertNet) - The U.N. food aid agency says a lack of funds is forcing it to cut rations for people driven from their homes by fighting in northern Yemen, endangering a fragile ceasefire between rebels and the government.

From May, the World Food Programme (WFP) will reduce food assistance for 270,000 displaced people by half until donors provide more money or the funds run out altogether, the organisation's Yemen director Gian Carlo Cirri said on Friday..."There has been a lot of talk within the international community about helping Yemen, but very little money," Cirri said. "In funding humanitarian operations, you are buying stability at a relatively cheap price."

The latest cut means food aid recipients will receive 1,040 kilocalories per person per day - half of what is needed for a healthy life.

Posted by: JaneNovak at 12:18 PM


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