Dear Hamas Supporter: We're Sorry for Calling You a Zionist!

What's the worst thing a Muslim can be called? Not a Nazi. Not a bigot. Not a communist. It's Zionist.

Which is why the Muslim Public Affairs Committee of the UK (MPACUK) had to apologize to Yousef al-Khattab after accusing him of being a Zionist plant after they found out he had been born a .... Jew.

You know, because the hidden hand of the Jew is behind every Muslim atrocity. Jews are just trying to make Muslims look bad.

Once convinced of Khattab's sincerity towards finishing what Hitler had started, they had to retract.

But the hilarity of the original accusation against Yousef is only out done by the hilarity of the apology. You see, in the apology Yousef denies being a supporter of al Qaeda (which is empirically false: "I love [Osama bin Laden] him like I can't begin to tell you]) but he does fess up to being a supporter of Hamas:

I see the Hamas authority on Ghaza as a model of how Islam should be established in our times.
Which doesn't seem to bother MPACUK:
The MPACUK team were very glad when we heard back from him, and instantly agreed he deserves an apology.
The antisemetic terror apologists at the MPACUK apologizing to a Jewish born terror supporter. The irony comes in layers these days!

Posted by: Rusty at 10:55 AM


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