Iraqis Foil 9/11-style Plot On Iraqi Soil

al-Qaeda in Iraq continues to swing wildly for any credibility. The only relevance they can muster is failed attempts to incite Sunni-Shia violence. They are what they are...Muslim murderers.

Iraqi security forces disrupted a 9/11-style plot by al-Qaida in Iraq to fly hijacked planes into Shiite religious shrines, Iraqi and U.S. officials said Wednesday.

Iraqi security officials said they temporarily shut down at least two airports and have arrested two men one of the intended pilots and an airport worker

Iraqi intelligence moving on information and the government reacting? All of this while the politicians hammer out the final government makeup ofter an election. Its almost like they have a functioning government...damn that Bushoilcheneyblackwater.

Posted by: Ronin at 03:00 PM


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