Birthers To Start Investing in Soap on a Rope

Hey Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, watch out for the cornhole buddy:

U.S. military officials tell NBC News that the U.S. Army will court martial a lieutenant colonel who refuses to deploy to Afghanistan because he considers orders from President Obama to be "illegal."

Army doctor Lt. Col. Terry Lakin believes Obama does not meet the constitutional requirements to be president and commander-in-chief, because he believes (incorrectly) that Obama wasn't born in the United States.

Which just goes to show that in an organization as large as the US military, you are bound to get a few nuts in the ranks. It's the law of averages.

One wonders if Lakin displayed any signs of mental illness in the past but the military powers that be overlooked them because they really need doctors? Kind of like they did with Nidal Hasan and his public flirtations with violent jihadism.

Posted by: Rusty at 09:33 AM


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