Kenya: Ooops, Sorry We Accidentally Released Aussie Al Shabaab Terrorist

Well maybe not accidentally, one of us may have been bribed

Police in Kenya say they have mistakenly released a terror suspect wanted in connection with planned attacks in Australia, though there are rumors that a bribe was paid for his freedom. Three Kenyan police and two businessmen have been arrested in connection.

Hussein Hashi Farah was detained this month by Kenyan authorities after crossing into the country from Uganda at the border town of Busia on an Australian passport. The BBC reports that border police conducting a check on the man found his name on an international terror watch list due to “credible information” linking him to a 2009 terror plot against targets in Australia.

BTW, their are lots of alQaeda linked alShabaab videos in need of a smackdown Smackdown instructions

Posted by: Stable Hand at 10:08 AM


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