Allah: Attention Mujahideen, I Am Out Of Virgins Please Exit Stage Left

Via The Lede-NYT

As my colleague Alissa Rubin reports from Afghanistan, police officials in Kabul said that at least 18 people, many of them Indian nationals, were killed on Friday in suicide and car bomb attacks on two guesthouses popular with foreigners in the center of the Afghan capital.

The car bomb exploded outside a guesthouse popular with Indians while a team of attackers that included suicide bombers stormed another guesthouse frequented by Britons and Americans, starting a firefight with Afghan security forces that lasted for more than 90 minutes.

Prayers for those affected by this tragedy.

Meanwhile, 20 Taliban have work accidents recently and are bummed, literally, by Allah's announcement.

Posted by: Stable Hand at 09:07 AM


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