While You Are Distracted by the Summit, Obama Democrats Are Targeting the CIA

(Changed my title, this is too important to ignore)

While everyone is focused on the Obamacare summit, dirty deeds are being done.[NRO]

The Obama Democrats have outdone themselves.

While the country and the Congress have their eyes on today’s dog-and-pony show on socialized medicine, House Democrats last night stashed a new provision in the intelligence bill which is to be voted on today. It is an attack on the CIA: the enactment of a criminal statute that would ban “cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.” (See here, scoll to p. 32.)

h/t Doug and Robert


Keep America Safe

Today, Liz Cheney, the chairman of Keep America Safe, released the following statement on behalf of the organization and in response to a late-night provision added to the intelligence authorization bill in the House of Representatives. The bill is scheduled for a vote later this afternoon. It is currently being debated in the House, click here to watch Rep. Pete Hoekstra talk about the dangerous provision: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aFP5_4g7LU.[video below...ed]

"Late last night, Democrats in the House of Representatives inserted a provision dubbed “The Cruel, Inhuman, and Degrading Interrogation Act of 2010” into the intelligence authorization bill. This new language targets the US intelligence community with criminal penalties for using methods they have deemed necessary for keeping America safe. These methods have further been found by the Department of Justice to be both legal and in keeping with our international obligations. more...

Another to file under assmaggotts, yes those Obama Dems who added this late-night provision....gawd.

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