Tragedy: Ninja Assassin Now Haram


Here's a post over at Terror Free Somalia recounting how the al Shabaab are forcing women to the back of the bus (literally), men to cut their hair, and raiding people's homes for watching pirated Ninja Killer DVDs -- which I think is a mistranslation of Ninja Assassin.

One youth in Adle village, near Mogadishu, recounted how his house was raided by al-Shabaab following a tip-off as he was watching a pirated copy of a film called Ninja Killer with a group of friends."Most of us jumped out the windows. Unfortunately, I was one of the six who got caught and flogged for misconduct," Abdulle Moalin Hassan said.
Wait, watching Ninja Assassin is against Islam?

Now, they've gone too far.

I renounce Islam!

Posted by: Rusty at 01:43 PM


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