Non-Sarcastic Good News: NYC al Qaeda Bomb Plotter Cooperating

Remember Najibullah Zazi? He's the Colorado man picked up because he was plotting to blow up targets in New York and who had received training from al Qaeda while in Pakistan. He's cooperating. And that is good news if, in fact, he's helping us track down his co-conspirators -- like his former imam who was supposed to be helping the FBI but instead tipped Zazi off that he was under investigation.

But more importantly, his al Qaeda contacts in Pakistan and the US. Fox News:

Najibullah Zazi, a Colorado airport shuttle driver, has begun talking to authorities and plans a guilty plea that could come as early as Monday, law enforcement officials told The Associated Press....

As important as a plea would be, Zazi may be far more valuable to investigators as a source for information about co-conspirators in the United States and Pakistan....

His pick up left many of us scratching our heads. The apartment he was staying in had a load of backpacks. We also had video of him buying the ingredients necessary to make a TATP bomb. Both seemingly in emulation of the London 7/7 transit attacks.

The attack seemed imminent, but no bomb components were ever found.

What happened to them? He ditched 'em:

Zazi accused of receiving explosives training in an al-Qaida terror camp in Pakistan told prosecutors that he was armed with bomb-making components while en route to New York City last year, but got rid of them along the way, the people said.
So, why did he ditch them? Did his imam tip him off while he was en route from Denver to New York? Chickening out? Or did he decide to just buy the components in New York when he got there in order to avoid having to explain to any cop that pulled him over on a traffic violation why he had 60 gallons of hydrogen peroxide in the car?

That last question being not so speculative. As soon as he got to New York he was pulled over and his car impounded. I suspect the FBI was looking for the bomb making components, but they found something which turned out to be of equal if not greater value: his laptop.

Thanks to Novaculus

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