Video "Generation Jihad": How Radical Islamic Websites Create Terrorists in the West

I'll let this Daily Mail summary of the recent BBC documentary "Generation Jihad" speak for why you should watch the whole thing. I'll embed all six parts of episode 1 of it below the fold. I'm watching it as we speak, so I may have some commentary in a bit. Daily Mail:

Religious extremists are increasingly turning to the internet to find, indoctrinate and radicalise young Muslims, according to a new documentary series.

Like sexual predators they prey on vulnerable young people, quickly brainwashing them with Al Qaeda propaganda and very quickly turning them into potential terrorists.

New BBC2 series Generation Jihad claims that growing numbers of bright young men dubbed ‘entrepreneurs of jihad’ are using the internet as a tool to foster extremism.

Many prey on younger men and women curious to learn more about Islam but instead bombard them with anti-Western and vengeful rhetoric – leading to a generation of online recruits for jihad.

Videos below.

UPDATE: Expect the usual "the police are unfairly targeting Muslims" garbage. But it gets good in part 6 below. If any one finds episode 2 which should be airing tonight or tomorrow aired yesterday on BBC2 posted online let me know. We don't get to watch this stuff on our side of the pond unless you put it on the internet.

I hear some dude named "Aaron Riseberg (sic)" was interviewed for it.

Posted by: Rusty at 11:24 AM


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