India: American Tied to Pune Attack

Scanning the headlines of the Indian press it seems that the Indians are convinced that American Daood "David Headley" Gilani had a hand in the attack late last week that killed 9 (that's up from the initial estimate of 8) at a restaurant frequented by foreigners and near a Jewish center.

Unfortunately many of the stories take on a conspiratorial air speculating that Headley was a double-agent for the CIA. This speculation is based on .... well, nothing. Not even uncomfirmed rumors. Just speculation that since Headley probably was a DEA informant that, well, I'm not sure how those two get conflated in the minds of those in the developing world, but they do.

Laying aside the conspiracy theories about Headley, it is more than mere speculation based on nothing to suggest that he had a hand in the attack. We know he helped do recon work for the Mumbai attack. We also know that Headley spent time in Pune doing precisely the same things he did in Mumbai.

Hindustan Times:

Home Secretary G.K. Pillai Monday said there was a link between Saturday's Pune blast that killed nine people and the recce missions conducted by Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) suspect David Coleman Headley, and the government was trying to get access to him.

"The Pune blast investigations are at an initial stage. We are pushing for access to David Headley. We cannot rule in or rule out a foreign hand," Pillai told NDTV news channel.

"There is a Headley link. It is too close to the Osho Ashram. We have no idea about who did it. We need some more days. The footwork is on," he said.

The home secretary also indicated the LeT's Karachi project used Indian Muslims for the attack on German Bakery, a popular eatery in Pune, Saturday.

Indian Muslims. Hmmmmmmm.....

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