Ex-Muslim Terrorist: "It Is Not Worth Dying For A F**king Allah


"Sultan" is a apostate now, damn brave of him to come forward. When he converted to Christianity his wife was told to leave him, she didn't and was murdered in the name of "honor". ROPMA!!!

Via Infidels Unite

The young Arab was an Allah's warrior against the US troops in Iraq, before he converted into Christianity and fled to Switzerland. He warns other Muslims not to murder in the name of Islam.

The ex-Muslim who calls himself Sultan should stay quiet, because that would be safer for him and he would not have to fear for his life. But he decided to speak out, and now he is sitting in a cafe in Zurich telling his story.

He is a young Arab with a thick black hair, brow eyes continuously observing his surrounding, a feature that made him a good Muslim terrorist.

Sultan's story began ten years ago for a fight for his homeland in the Middle East, where the US was fighting the Muslim terror organization. It is a story resembling many young Muslim terrorists, who all wanted to enter the paradise and the receive 72 virgins.

And, it is a story of radical change.

When Sultan met his friends, members of the Islamic Brotherhood, he was a 16-year-old Muslim from traditional family, and not terribly religious. The Muslim boy enjoyed the cohesion is the Muslim group, its ideas and the radical Muslim rhetoric.

Good Muslims are intended to kill infidels as the Koran says; that is the only way to paradise and the 72 virgins.[...]

He wants to tell his story even if it means to be attacked by Muslims, threatened to be killed because he does not anymore believe in Allah.

Sultan has now a new job: He knows for sure that Muslim boys in his homeland still want to go to war against the infidels and die for Allah.

He shakes his head, " I want to warn these boys. They should not kill for Allah. It is not worth dying for a F*cking Allah."

Be sure to read it all.

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