50 Taliban Commanders Killed (F*ck Yeah!)

We're softening them up before the big assault. Folks, this is the biggest planned and coordinated assault in years. Operation Moshtarak involves tens of thousands of troops moving in to the last Taliban stronghold in Helmand Province:

SAS men and US Navy SEAL teams killed the 50 insurgent leaders in a series of dramatic covert operations deep inside southern Afghanistan's Helmand badlands.

Their objective was to destroy the Taliban command structure - and military sources labelled the daring raids "a great success"....

Patrols of around four men would have used the tried and tested "find, fix, strike" method to locate and destroy their prey.

Their tactics are veiled in secrecy. But they would have moved by night, covering their tracks as they went. Then they would strike with lethal force before vanishing to seek new targets.

God Bless our troops and those of our allies!

Posted by: Rusty at 09:38 AM


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