Egypt Thwarts Terrorist Plot To Attack Israeli's At Grave Of Rabbi Yaakov Abuhatzeira

They were also planning to blow up American ships in the Suez Canal.

Via Haaretz

Egyptian security forces arrested 23 Egyptians suspected of belonging to a radical Muslim terror group that was planning to attack Jewish worshipers during a pilgrimage to the grave of Rabbi Yaakov Abuhatzeira, who is buried in the Egyptian city of Damanhur, the security forces announced over the weekend.

The suspects, some of whom were arrested several weeks ago, are also accused of planning to blow up American ships in the Suez Canal and carry out terror attacks in Egypt. They are also accused of planning to cripple major banks in Cairo and Alexandria

Various reports indicate that the suspects were caught with a large weapons cache, including warheads for Qassam rockets manufactured by Hamas. Egyptian security forces say they set up training camps where they practiced using explosives.


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