Another "Ally" in Afghanistan Kills Two Americans

Hopefully this isn't a trend but another isolated incident. But perhaps that's wishful thinking:

A NATO official says an Afghan interpreter killed two U.S. service members before he was killed himself at a combat outpost in eastern Afghanistan.
In another "isolated incident":
NATO forces clashed with Afghan troops Saturday at a snow-covered highway outpost, calling in an airstrike that killed four Afghan soldiers, U.S. and Afghan officials said.
The two incidents were not related to each other, and it's not totally clear what was going on in either case. The latter case being chalked up right now to a "misunderstanding" between our guys and the Afghans.

The former? No explanation being offered right now. But the Taliban have publicly announced that they are going to try and and penetrate the Afghan military and government. And then of course there was the recent CIA killings by a Taliban double-agent.

I'm not jumping to conclusions here -- this really could be a couple of heated argument on the relative merits of Jessica Alba vs. Shakira gone bad -- I'm only offering this as one possible explanation on every one's mind yet the MSM unlikely to vocalize it.

Thanks to Ken.

Posted by: Rusty at 10:20 AM


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