For The "Sisters", Being Mujahid's Wife!

Pep talk on the forums to the muslimahs

In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Compassionate![it's not nice to fool Allah]

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds, peace and blessings be upon the best creation of Allah, his family and companions.[uh huh] And then:

Yes, Jihad is a men's privilege[gawd I love it when they splode themselves prematurely] but behind every mujahid there are women: his mother, grandmothers, sisters, wives etc, who took part in his journey[through beatings, oppression, great life],. And frequently it is the wife that understands and supports her husband in his choice, and who shoulders part of privation and hardships of Jihad.[praise the Lord, he is soon to be sploded]

It is hard to overestimate the importance that a husband plays in every woman's life, [and you have bruises to prove it] just consider how Allah, Great and Glorious He is, created Hava, and realize that it is not easy for a rib to be without the body, while the body can do without the rib.[sucks when he bruises your rib] In this essay I would like to talk about our sisters that provide a reliable rear to our brothers-mujahideen.[can't wait for them to be sploded prematurely, makes for good video]

Here came that day when your husband embarked on Allah's path[thank God]. How much he dreamed or you both dreamed, how much did he prepare for it, sitting literally "on suitcases" (on a rucksack to be more precise)[sucks living in squaler when he is out fondly little boys], and you aspired to this great favor and blessing, recognizing that award for that would be very great.[getting rid of that arsehole, Amen]

And the door closed after him, and you are left alone in your house where so recently together you happily dreamed and contemplated about the future[uh huh]. From this moment on your are not just the wife of a good Muslim, your are the wife of a mujahid![ thank God he is gone ]

Your heart is filled with joy, pride for your husband,[uh huh] bitterness and pain of partying.[damn betcha I am gonna party when he is gone, misspelled "parting" beotch] You feel in heart emptiness, tears fill your eyes, but you say to yourself: "Be patient, the servant of Allah! Is not that what you wanted? Is not that what you dreamed of?[damn betcha beotch, areshole is gone] Take pride, your husband is not the slave of Dinar, not a coward nor is he a traitor, he is one of the best on Earth, he is a mujahid on the way to Allah!"[Allah will deny him entry into paradise, Allah doesn't like sploded body to hell with him]

I want to touch on a couple of moments which you are likely to encounter or which you have already encountered[truth sucks about martyrdom, the dead body stinks]. Possibly, our sisters will supplement my words with their own recounts, and I think it is of interest to Ummah what it is like to be a mujahid's wife, what our sisters endure in this journey, what hurdles lie on their way.[ya, sucks big time, all they think about is other men and little boys, do you know about anally contracted gonorrhea? That's some nasty shite] This essay is meant to prepare those who have not yet embarked on Jihad with their husbands for what will likely wait them once they have begun this journey[splodings a hard thing to do]. Those who have long threaded this path could enhance my work with their stories. And I ask Allah to make this trivial effort of mine an investment into the preparing and rallying to Jihad for His sake, Great and Glorious Be He, and for the good of Islam and Muslims.[you fall for that and your f**king nutz]

You are the mujahid's wife. He's gone, and you should not hope to see him back soon, or better prepare yourself for an idea of never seeing him again.[thank God] Your husband has not gone on vacation, around-the -world journey, or to make an earning.[well I'll be damned, really?] He has set out on a better enterprise, for a higher earning- to earn you a place in Heaven.[there aint' no place in Heaven for him...fool..........][...]

My Muslim sister, in truth[uh huh], I want to give you only ingenious advice and, first and foremost, I teach myself[no, you are a tool for propaganda]. I do not have any desire to lecture you or rise above you.[uh huh] If my words contain anything that hurt you, I ask you for Allah's sake to forgive me[no, I ain't no fool, fool]. It is impossible to lay out in one essay the entire life of a mujahid's wife, the above written is just a draft which may serve someone a sketch to get an idea of the whole picture.[I got the picture alright, you sister, are full of shite]

Mujahid's wife,

Source: IA "HUNAFA"

Seriously, this is the type of propaganda that's in the forums. This post goes on and on about how wonderful it is your husband will soon splode himself. Some fall for it lock, stock and barrel.

Posted by: Stable Hand at 03:03 PM


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