An Interview With an anti-Terror Hacker

Infosec has an interview with th3j35t3r (The Jester), who has been busy attacking websites that support, recruit, and fund terrrorists. Is Jester doing more harm than good?

Q: Critics say you do more harm than good Ė your reply?

Some critics have said that I will only drive them underground, Well is that not the best thing to do for recruiters?

If you take the position that online jihadi propaganda, proselytization, and interaction is increasingly important in jihadi recruitment, then why is it bad to drive them back into the shadows online? Thatís a key principle of COIN.

Underground they canít reach the masses; therefore they are less effective at recruiting. An underground recruiter is less dangerous than an overground one.

Read the rest here.

As for me, I have mixed feelings about the matter. And for OpSec reasons I don't wish to air those feelings publicly.

But I would be interested in your thoughts.

Posted by: Rusty at 10:33 AM


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