10 Arrested in Malaysia Tied to al Qaeda Christmas Day Airplane Plot

10 men were arrested in Malaysia on suspicion that they were somehow linked to Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. All of but one of them foreigners. Several of them Nigerians.

Which is pretty much par for the course for countries like Malaysia which are always pointing the finger elsewhere, thus denying that they themselves are knee deep in jihadis.

This is not to deny that the 10 weren't real threats, only that the so-called "moderate" Islamic countries like to divert attention away from their own populations of which a large minority do, in fact, support terrorism. A recent example being in Kenya where the authorities are quick to blame Somali immigrants rather then their own Muslim populations for widespread acts of violence.

If the 10 really do have "links" to the al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula plot to blow up an airplane, then what does this say about the international reach of al Qaeda's regional franchises? Let's not focus so much attention on the possibility of terror coming through Europe that we drop the ball and forget that the Salaafi jihad fan base can also be found in Southeast Asia, and thus planes coming from the East are just as vulnerable as planes coming from the West

Police last week acted quickly to forestall a serious threat to national security when they nabbed 10 terror suspects with links to international terrorist organisations.
The nine foreigners and a Malaysian were also believed to be linked to a Nigerian student who attempted to blow up a US-bound flight on Christmas Day.

Among the foreigners nabbed here were several Nigerians but the authorities are tight-lipped over the details.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said the nine foreigners had only just arrived here when they were nabbed....

The New Straits Times learnt that the 10 suspects were members of a religious group linked to Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, the Nigerian who was arrested in the United States after he attempted to detonate explosives sewn into his underwear on board Northwest Airlines flight 253, which was bound for Detroit from Amsterdam.

One has to wonder what is meant by "a religious group linked to Abdulmutallab"? Would the link be a mosque he attended in London? Or would that be the language school he attended in Yemen? Or do they mean al Qaeda itself?

Posted by: Rusty at 11:09 AM


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