My O'Keefe Theory

Since everyone else is running with their smears, hopes, fears, rampant wild speculation (a lot documented at Patterico's site), etc., I thought I'd throw our what I think is a somewhat reasonable theory as to what James O'Keefe and company were doing in Sen. Landrieu's office.

Looking at the affidavit, I noticed an interesting fact on page 2, section 6:

BASEL requested to be given access to a telephone in the office, and WITNESS 1 allowed him access to the main telephone at the reception desk. WITNESS 1 observed BASEL take the handset of the phone and manipulate it. BASEL also tried to call the phone with a cellular phone in his possession. He stated that he could not get through.
Now. If Basel is telling the truth, then it lends credence to the fact that people calling the reception desk telephone at Landrieu's office could also not get through to the main phone.

As such, I am postulating that the group was trying to document (with video camera) that Landrieu's office had either disconnected or re-routed the phones to deflect incoming calls - hence, why they couldn't get through. There have been anecdotal reports that Landrieu's office has received complaints that it has been inaccessible by phone, particularly around the time when she was bought off by the Democrats for the now-infamous Louisiana Purchase.

The "listening device" with the guy in the car? Perhaps he was recording the audio in the office without being there so that any denials or spin from the staff regarding what happened would be documented. I don't know. Perhaps he was calling in and trying to reach the phones in the office. Perhaps the two "phone repair guys" intended to try to reconnect the phone and maybe document that it was in fact disconnected or re-routed.

If we're all going to wildly speculate, I think this wild theory makes the most sense to perhaps explain an undercover operation of this kind. The intent was to document that Landrieu's office phones weren't inaccessible because they were busy - they were inaccessible because her office had made the phones inaccessible.

It would also partially explain O'Keefe's cryptic Tweet of "I am a journalist. The truth will set me free" and response of "veritas" the press upon his release last night. Once his side gets told, I think the facts will make him look less pernicious than he does now.

Don't mistake me - I'm not trying to rationalize this. Their lying to get into the office almost certainly ran afoul of the law. However, the trumped up "wiretapping" and "infiltration" and "bugging" nonsense does not appear anywhere in the FBI affidavit, despite hysterical claims (mostly from the left) to the contrary. But if that's all they get, than this was a pretty ballsy operation for a relatively small payoff, IMHO.

Time and a fair legal process will tell.

What do you think? Reasonable, or totally off the wall?

Posted by: Good Lt. at 11:43 AM


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