Rifqa Bary's legal case over!!! She stays in state custody***Updated***

Rifqa Bary's dependency case was settled today in an Ohio juvenile court by Rifqa and her parents, and she will remain in state custody until her 18th birthday. In return for her parents dropping their opposition to dependency, Rifqa agreed to plead to the "unruly" charge, which will not count as a criminal charge and jeopardize her upcoming immigration claim.

What prompted this remarkable turn-around? It was clear to CAIR that they were going to lose in trial. CAIR was trying to force Rifqa to make some kind of admission that her statements about the terror-tied Noor Islamic Cultural Center her parents attended weren't true, but when Rifqa's attorneys said no and that they intended to take it to trial where all of Noor and CAIR's secrets would be revealed, CAIR capitulated.

All is not over yet, however.

First, the court recently revealed her foster home location to the CAIR attorney. Rifqa's life is in grave danger. Her attorneys are working feverishly to have the state move her to a new foster care placement and taking immediate measures to ensure her safety.

Secondly, CAIR's new strategy is to target the Ohio pastor, Brian Williams, who assisted in her Muslim apostate underground railroad escape. They are pressuring the Franklin County prosecutor, Ron O'Brien, to have him indicted for kidnapping and other charges related to Rifqa's escape. We will have additional information on his case in coming days.

Thirdly, Rifqa is currently facing severe restrictions on her communications. Her computer and phone have been confiscated, and she is not allowed to visit with any of her friends. There is not another child in state custody in Ohio that has had similar restrictions imposed. Rifqa's attorneys are working to have those shariah-compliant restrictions removed.

This turn of events is important because dependency was exactly the legal goal Rifqa's supporters had been pushing for in both Florida and then Ohio. We've achieved that goal. The legal case is over, but the affair is not at an end. There is more fighting left to do. We will keep you informed.

Posted by: Barbarossa at 06:26 PM


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