Talibanís Siraj Haqqani: Rape, Murder & Videotape
By Brad Thor (*Sticky*)

siraj_haqqani_wanted2.JPGCombine Hustlerís Larry Flynt with Coppolaís Don Corleone and what do you get? Siraj Haqqani, the Talibanís Godfather of Porn.

Allow me to set the stage for one of jihadís bravest, most pious Muslim warriors.

Siraj Haqqani is the chief operating officer of the deadliest terror network in the Afhanistan/Pakistan (Af/Pak) theater, the Haqqani terror network. It was established by Sirajís father, the senile Jed Clampett of jihad, Jalaluddin Haqqani. A heretofore remorseless criminal organization, the Haqqanis realized the real growth industry (i.e. money) for the group laid in embracing the jihad. In a stunning come to Jesus, (whoops) come to Allah moment, the Haqqanis magically embraced the war against the Infidel, as well as defenseless Muslims who didnít toe their Sharia line. What many donít know is how much dirty laundry hangs off that line.

When Siraj, who is said to rival Mullah Omar for Taliban leadership, isnít sending his toughest soldiers to roam the bazaars in search of the little blue pills he uses to fuel a thirst for young boys that would have made Michael Jackson blush, he is busy making sure the closet door remains firmly shut on one of the Talibanís most damning skeletons, the Haqqani pornography ring.

The ring features Sirajís physician, Dr. Hassan Duraz as its Ron Jeremy, Sirajís uncle, Ibrahim as the impresario producer/director and Sirajís cousin, Ishak as the auteur cinematographer.

Hereís how the Haqqaniís horror films ďartĒ movies are put together. Siraj extorts encourages poor Muslim families to do the ďrightĒ thing according to Islam and push their sons into jihad. As their magnanimous benefactor, he then sends Ron Jeremy, Dr. Hassan Duraz into their villages to provide medical care. Duraz sets up clinics and the villagers pour in, often in desperate need of medical attention. As the ďgoodĒ doctor treats them, he keeps his eyes peeled for the cute ones; the ones with that "something special" that the camera will absolutely love.

Once Duraz targets his prey, he whistles Ibrahim and Ishak Haqqani (whom he never travels without) into the office. As the bewildered young girl looks on, Siraj Haqqaniís uncle and cousin set up their equipment. Then its thumbs up and pants down as the monster physician forces himself on his unwilling victims patients.

When the horrible rape movie scene is complete, itís humiliation, remorse, and despair cut, print, and ship. But a funny thing happened on the way to the Haqqani's home theater; somebody squawked.

Siraj Haqqani now had a big problem on his hands. Righteous Muslims, pious Muslims who send other Muslims to martyr themselves in jihad should be above reproach. They should be living a virtuous life in keeping with the tenets of the Qurían and the Hadith. At the very least, they should be more virtuous than the Infidel they are fighting.

Thatís the way good Muslims would see it, but not Siraj Haqqani. He saw himself as above Islamic law. In a word, he was a hypocrite. But by Islamic standards, what Siraj decided to do next made him even worse.

In order to protect his moral authority, Siraj had Dr. Hassan Duraz killed. He had the girls murdered. He emptied the Haqqani family pornographic video library and burned all the tapes Ė or so he thought.

While in Afghanistan, I got to know a mid-level Haqqani commander who was becoming increasingly disenchanted with Sirajís hypocrisy. We spent time together, drank tea and talked as he provided exceptional assistance with my novel, The Apostle, which is loosely based upon the Haqqanis. It is this mid-level commander who managed to save some of the tapes Siraj thought had all been destroyed.

Together with an influential Pakistani Mullah, my contact put together a video encouraging all Muslims to turn against the Haqqani network and to stand up to them. The video contains footage of Dr. Hassan Duraz assaulting three young women Ė all of whom, as I mentioned, are dead; along with Duraz himself.

While some, though not all of us in the West have become desensitized to sexual imagery, imagine the effect this video will have on the devout Muslims of Afghanistan, Pakistan and throughout the larger Islamic world. They should be rightfully outraged.

I want to warn you that this video is not safe for work and shows explicit, forced sex acts. Knowing that all of the participants are now dead made it even more chilling for me to watch.

As you watch, or donít watch the video, I want you to ponder something. At the root of all of this evil is one man, Siraj Haqqani. He is a Muslim In Name Only.

The acts committed by Siraj's uncle Ibrahim, his cousin Ishak, and his physician are indeed horrific and morally reprehensible, but believe it or not in Islam there is something even worse Ė covering up these barbaric acts and protecting the people who committed them. By Muslim standards, Siraj Haqqani should be hunted down and killed. I can only hope that happens.

Iím sure Siraj is not going to like my outing him. Ibrahim and Ishak Haqqani aren't going to like it either. In the spirit of civil discourse, all I can offer is a hearty Fuck You to the entire Haqqani family. You are an insult to Muslim people everywhere and deserve an eternity roasting in hell for what you have done.

Anyone else who remains in the Haqqani network after this video comes to light deserves the same fate. Supporting Haqqani means you support everything he stands for. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. You are only as righteous as the man you serve.

~Brad Thor

The video is below. An English language translation of the imam who narrates it and condemns the Haqqanis is posted below it. The video has been edited by us for content but is still NOT SAFE FOR WORK. It shows explicit sexual content. In one of the scenes a girl can clearly be seen resisting and shaking her head no.

If you do not wish to view the video but wish to see the imam's comments, simply scroll past it and do not push the play button. However, every Taliban supporter should see this video. This is what they are supporting.



Dear brothers, Muslims, Taliban and mujahideen

It is a well known truth that the laws and guidance of Islam have been delivered through the prophets and khalifas of Islam. One of the duties of every true Muslim is to exert himself for the propagation of the religion of Islam.

Every true Muslim should be prepared to bear every hardship in pursuing the path of truth. And it is also true that every real Muslim is obliged to struggle against injustice. In the pursuit of truth the Muslim must display loyalty.

You know that spreading moral corruption is a terrible thing for any Muslim.

You know that you all suffer from the spread of such corruption in society. You know that you find the very sight of people who spread such corruption offensive. And yet the mothers and sisters of these same people remain loyal to the path of struggle.

Look at the way that the offspring of the powerful oppress and assault innocent women.

You know that Hashim Duraz, for the satisfaction of his own sexual impulses dragged a number of Pashtoon women towards corruption and to describe what he did is a painful task.

This same Hashim Duraz paid off various people so as to keep his crimes under wraps.

But you must look to see who cooperated with him in doing all of this.

Without fear we must reveal that one of the important centres for spreading this corruption relates to the family of Haqani.

This is a family which participated fully in the jihad against the communists and which should have preserved their honourable status.

Alas, alas.

Within the haqani family are to be found people who are the source of this corruption and of the destruction of so many innocent women and are fully involved in this crime. But we should look at the truth of why Haqani had this man the doctor killed Ė it was on the excuse that he was involved in corruption. But actually they wanted to hide the involvement of their own family in corruption.

Oh Muslims, you know that spreading corruption in society is considered a sin. But giving refuge to those who are involved in corruption is an even worse sin.

The son who has been brought up on the family of Haqani has been involved in all of this corruption and has sacrificed many of these innocent women for his own ends.

This badly behaved creature has no shame or conscience and no fear because he considers himself to be the ruler of the area.

Oh Muslims, you who defend the way of truth.

Oh honourable Muslims and Pashtoons.

Come and recognise the true nature of one who seeks to lead you and calls himself a khalifa.

Someone tries to teach your sons about Islam and peace and justice.

For the sake of god never let your innocent children go before such corrupt people or to their centers of corruption.

Oh Muslims look how when Doctor abused women who were like his own daughters and sister, he never spared them and there is now no doubt about it, he was involved in corruption.

Oh Muslims we can say that a son of the house of Haqani was involved with Hashim Duraz in this corruption and to the extent that he was involved, he too is responsible.

Oh Muslims unite in rooting out this corruption and in subjecting the corrupt people to Islamic justice.

Oh Muslims, those who sacrifice the honor and respect of your mothers and sisters, they do not serve the jihad.

Oh Muslims rise up for a struggle to clean up society from the presence of these professionally corrupt.

Oh Muslims teach your children to take part in the jihad against corruption and injustice.

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