American, Arab Terrorists Arrested in Copenhagen (UPDATE: False Alarm)

Astute Blogger emails with the news that five people have been arrested in Copenhagen, Denmark for alleged "terrorist" activities. It's not clear whether these are eco-terrorists or Islamist terrorists. The only news reports that I can find are in Danish.

A Google translation indicates that one of the men arrested was an American citizen wanted on an international warrant for terrorist activities. Again, my first inclination would be to think eco-terrorism. There are a lot of crazies in Copenhagen right now.

But, the two men arrested with him were of Arab origin. There are Arab Greenpeace members, but as Astute Blogger notes:

A sucdcessful attack upon COP15 would be a wet dream come true for al Qaeda.

Two more women were picked up later, no note on their nationality.

If you see some English language reports on this giving more detail let me know.

UPDATE: The American arrested also appears to be of Arab descent.

UPDATE: Apparently they took the guys in, ran some prints, and the American wasn't the terrorist who the police thought he was. All of the suspects have been released.

Posted by: Rusty at 01:55 PM


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