57% of Swiss voters demonstrate at least partial immunity to the European Malaise

The remaining 43% will be readily identified by the drool frozen in gobs at the corners of their mouths as they stare longingly at window displays of Odeur de Chevre™ brand articles de toilette.

Switzerland Approves Minaret Ban In Referendum:

Right wing politician Ulrich Schluer from the Swiss People's Party told the Swiss website swissinfo.ch that minarets symbolize a political-religious claim to power.

“We do not forbid Islam -- we forbid the political symbol of Islamization, and this is the minaret,” Schluer said. “The minaret has nothing to do with religion; the minaret is a symbol of political victory [of Islam]. The first thing the Turks did when they conquered Constinople -- they installed a minaret on the top of the most important church.”

Amnesty International has warned that the ban would violate Switzerland's obligations to freedom of religious expression.

Agencies report that partial results from the poll indicate that the German-speaking canton of Lucerne accepted the ban. But the French-speaking cantons of Geneva and Vaud have reportedly voted against.

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