43 Troops Have Died Since General Told Obama to Send Reinforcements; Obama Doesn't Care

We heard a lot of hue and cry from the Obamatrons all throughout the Bush years about how he "didn't care" that troops were dying. A lot of bluster from the Democrats about how "they'd fight the war better." A lot of bullsh*t jargon about "tough, smart power" and "Bush is a Nazi" and "the GOP is racist@!@!." The Democrats sure talk tough, but when the rubber meets the road in a war, they dont fight it. They lose it.

And now, Obama's getting blood on his hands due to all of this erudite preening and posturing without any action. This was a war, remember, that Obama himself said "had to be won."


Where are all of those principled, morally superior Democrat knaves and gaggles of jackasses now that their man in the White House is getting people killed while his party leaders go to U2 concerts? Where are the voices of the "reality-based community" while Obama worries about the Olympics being held in his hometown of Chicago (at the behest of his crime families there) while shoving health care legislation the public doesn't want down their throats and making rounds on TV talk shows like Letterman?

Where are you brave, principled Democrats now? Why aren't you speaking up to support the troops? Don't you support them? Didn't you support the Afghanistan war as "the good war?" Don't you oppose war while supporting the troops?

Troops are dying because you're all pussyfooting around and playing political grabass. Where is the outrage from the Democrat quarters over this?

Oh, wait. I know what it is. It isn't Bush, and blaming the guy you voted in for the things you accused Bush of doing just isn't vogue this year. Is it?

Posted by: Good Lt. at 07:18 PM


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