Genocidal Yemen Threatens to Expel Aid Orgs

Taking a page from its genocidal ally, The Sudan, genocidal Yemen this week threatened to expel foreign aid organizations (including Oxfam and the UN) unless they stop publicizing the dire humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Hundreds of thousands of Yemeni civilians are displaced and/or starving as a result of indiscriminate government bombing of cities and villages and the governmental blockade of food and relief supplies. Oxfam said, in Yemen, "another humanitarian catastrophe of terrifying proportions (is) unfolding as the world watches from the sidelines."

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al Tagheer: Threatened the Yemeni Health Minister Abdul-Karim Rasa'a withdraw the licenses of the work of a number of international organizations working in Yemen in the field of relief to the displaced of the Sa'ada war, and attacked Rasa'a in a press conference held today, together with the official spokesman for the Yemeni government and the Minister of Information Hassan al-Lawzi attacked organizations, including organizations (Oxfam ) mentioned by name and said, "It's just weeping and looking for the media hype .. and their representative in Yemen remains busy in meetings with representatives of the Ministry of Health in Yemen."

و أضاف راصع " نحن سنقوم بسحب تراخيص عمل هذه المنظمات إذا لم تقم بعمليات النزول الميداني ومعاونتنا في الميدان لإغاثة نازحي حرب صعدة أما أن تظل فقط تصدر البلاغات وتتحدث عن أوضاع مزرية يعيشها اللاجئون فهذا غير مقبول . Rasa'a He added, "We will withdraw the licenses of the work of these organizations if they did not take down the field and help us in the field to aid displaced Sa'ada war or to continue only issued communications and talked about the appalling conditions of the refugees, this is unacceptable.

الجدير بالذكر أن الرئيس اليمني علي عبد الله صالح كان دعا في خطاب له بمناسبة الذكرى الـ 47 للثورة اليمنية قبل أيام هيئات الإغاثة الدولية إلى تقديم المعونات لنازحي حرب صعدة دون ضجيج إعلامي وقال " أدعو هيئات الإغاثة الدولية التي تتباكى على مواطنينا، ونحن أولى بمواطنينا، قدموا المعونة المساعدة دون أن تتباكوا علينا نحن المسئولين كنظام سياسي وكأبناء الشعب اليمني مسئولين عن إعانة إخواننا و أبناءنا النازحين و المتضررين من حرب صعده قدموا العون دون ضجيج إعلامي" . It is worth mentioning that President Ali Abdullah Saleh has called in a speech to mark the 47 anniversary of the Yemeni revolution days before international relief organizations to provide aid to displaced Sa'ada war without the noise of media and said "I call on the international relief organizations which calls for our citizens, our citizens, we first, made aid assistance without Taatbakua that we are responsible as a political and as children of the Yemeni people responsible for helping our brothers and our children and displaced persons affected by the war in Sa'ada province who assisted with minimal publicity. "

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